About Us

about_thum1Green Peak develops and builds environmentally sustainable and comprehensive solutions for renewable energy production and waste management. With global energy usage and waste production increasing at an alarming rate, Green Peak provides turnkey waste-to-energy plants that generate electricity, heat and/or diesel fuel from waste with minimal impact to the environment. Our mission is to convert poisonous waste that is plaguing our planet into clean energy, recovered resources and revenue.

Management Team

Green Peak is a joint venture between two innovative American companies with over 60 years of collective industry success: American Combustion Technologies and Glorin Group. American Combustion Technologies is an award winning engineering firm that specializes in waste management, renewable power generation, environmental engineering and industrial design. The company has four renewable power plants in operation and over 1,000 patented gas burners in use worldwide. American Combustion Technologies is responsible for designing and manufacturing all thermochemical conversion equipment used by Green Peak’s plants. Glorin Group is a global project development firm that has had strong success in designing and manufacturing waste utilization and photovoltaic power plants. Its executive team has over 30 years of experience in large-scale international operations, finance, construction and manufacturing in Europe and the United States. Glorin Group is responsible for designing all feedstock pre-processing components of Green Peak’s plants, as well as project development and plant construction.

Comprehensive, Turnkey Plants

Through the combined expertise of its management team, Green Peak is able to provide a full service and turnkey solution for the development of a waste-to-energy plant, including analysis and manufacturing of optimal solutions, to project development and construction, and plant operation and maintenance.