Our Process


Abundant Raw Materials

Green Peak’s plants are able to process many different types of raw materials, including tires, municipal solid waste, coal, sewage, farm manure, plastic, agricultural waste, and medical waste.

Modular Waste Pre-Processing

A number of feedstock preparation and material handling options are available, depending on local needs. Waste pre-processing equipment is designed by Glorin Group, and can include separation, drying, shredding, pressing and other components, as necessary.

Thermochemical Conversion

Green Peak’s plants use low/medium temperature Pyrolysis to break down feedstock into dry, high calorific value fuel gas. The process is in strict air emission compliance with complete tar processing, destruction of dioxins/furans, and no waste combustion process. All thermochemical conversion components are manufactured by American Combustion Technologies.

Production of Renewable Energy

The fuel gas created is cooled and cleaned, and then used in either a gaseous motor-driven electrical generator to produce clean electricity, as natural gas to produce heat, and/or to create high-quality biodiesel fuel. The end result is a lucrative, independent source of renewable energy.